About company

It was founded in 1985 by (Sayed Al-Turki), where he started working in the field of importing frozen foodstuffs trade. Mahmoud Al-Turki (Ashraf Al-Turki) was not satisfied only with internal trade and local distribution in the market, but he took another aspect except that it is the field of import directly from the source

And the beginning of the field of import in 2004 to work in the food products sector.

One of the leading companies in the import and distribution of foodstuffs and meat, and it has the largest commercial agencies since its inception with the experience of its team
It is also one of the leading companies in supplying food and meat to hotels, major restaurants, tourist villages and clubs.
Al Aml Company specialized in importing and distributing meat since its inception on the constant development of success to satisfy customers. And that is through its permanent cooperation, especially in providing the best meat products. A large and giant edifice of storage wards has been established at a temperature of 18 below zero from the finest types of raw materials according to high quality specifications.

The company (the company name is added) is present in many local and international exhibitions of food commodities and seeks to form success partners, whether with new customers or new agencies

Al Aml  Company has the most important consumer and strategic food commodities, in addition to high-quality meat and poultry of various types and origins.

1: We have a lot of branches:

  • Refrigerators and branches of the company
    1- The main branch: Abu Rawash, date of establishment 2003 – storage capacity 6000 tons
    2- Imbaba Branch, Established Date 2004 – Storage Capacity 500 Kn
    3- Tora Branch, Establishment date 2002 – Storage capacity: 200 tons
    4- Bab Al Shaeria Branch, Establishment Date 1985 – Storage Capacity 150 Tons
    * These branches work in the field of distribution to customers throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt, and we also have refrigerators for storage


The work team consists of approximately 200 people. We work hard to provide the finest types of meat according to the world, and we work to reach the customer with the finest products .

  • Staff
    – Chairman of the Board of Directors Ashraf Al-Turki
    – General Manager Hani Al-Sharif
    – Import Director Walid Al-Esawy
    – External sales Ahmed Amin


  • Company cars
    We have a fleet of cars equipped with refrigerators for freezing and refrigeration to preserve the products until they reach customers with the same production quality throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt – cars supported with refrigerators for preserving and freezing food at a temperature of 18 – below zero to ensure the highest quality of preserving and freezing food throughout the Republic
    1- We have a 20-ton refrigerator car
    2- We have jumbo (cooling) cars with a load capacity of 5 tons
    3- There are tank cars (cooling) 1 ton for service and distribution


  • Our principles and commitments
    1- Commitment to high quality and guaranteed products
    2- Our commitment to punctuality and time in receipt and delivery
    3- Flexibility in dealing with customers and suppliers as one team
    4- Development of the work team, permanent research and follow-up of the market, prices and products
    5- High quality sanitary storage, hygiene and sterilization of our products